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How to Install your New Kleen Bidet Spa™ Toilet Seat Bidet Attachment

Step 1:  Turn Off Water Valve
Locate the angle valve (usually behind your toilet or off to the side) and completely shut off the water flow.  Flush your toilet, this will empty the tank and will not refill as water is shut off, use this as a double check!
    Step 2: Remove Toilet Seat
    Step 3: Cut Water Delivery Hose to size
    Cut water flow tube included in the box to the length required from your angle valve to your Kleen Bidet Spa™ Unit (Usually 1.5 to 2 feet is sufficient for the cold water connection). 
    Step 4:
    Attach Water delivery hose to bidet and secure with brass nut
    Step 5:
    Align Bidet over the two holes on the toilet bowl and position the adjustable brackets over the holes.
    Ensure you distance bidet far enough to the front that the adjustable nozzle doesn't come in contact with the toilet bowl when using adjustment lever on bidet.
    Step 6:
    Re-attach your toilet seat and align over the brackets.
    Fasten with screws.
    Step 7:
    Remove existing pipe / steel hose with water valve still shut off.
    Step 8:
    Attach 7/8" Plastic adapter included with your Kleen Bidet Spa™ and apply plumbing tape also included in the box to the base of the adapter.
    Don't over tighten with tools, best to tighten by hand firmly.
    Step 9:
    Connect water delivery hose from the bidet unit to the plastic adapter and fasten with nut.
    Step 10:
    Attach stainless steel hose included in the box to the plastic adapter and connect the bottom end (3/8") to the existing angle valve and apply plumbing tape for added leak proof assurance.  Fasten with wrench and ensure firm fit.  Do not over tighten and risk stripping the connections, just make sure it is tight enough and secure.
    Step 11:
    Check all connections, and turn water valve back on.
    Close your toilet lid and turn the pressure knob slowly on your New Kleen Bidet Spa™ and listen for water hitting the lid from the inside.  Turn knob to off position and now you can enjoy your new bidet!
    *Pictures are based on Installation of KBS-1300 Cold Water Model, Hot and Cold Water Model will require an additional connection to the hot water sink in your bathroom, consult instruction manual for further explanation included with your order.  All parts are included with purchase!